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Letter From Tony and Maureen

Subject: Tony & Maureen: Newsletter June 2009

Letter from Chennai

Dear family & friends,

Already half of 2009 has disappeared and finds us in Chennai, having left Hosur almost three months ago.  I didn’t think it was going to be as difficult as it has been – but it has!  The familiarity of the small Town of Hosur has Tony and I talking fondly of it regularly.  The few friends we had, long since got on with their lives and the most wonderful next door neighbours anyone could ever have wished for.  It wasn’t all good though, we suffered some nasty disturbances sometimes at night and some stone throwing at both Tony and our dog even during daylight hours – but we do still miss it.  We have still not found our way around this City of Chennai and not got close enough to anyone to build friendships.  Tony has had a few fairweather friends but that’s something we put up with because we won’t be here forever. The climate in Chennai leaves a lot to be desired and at times out health suffers – still the local hospital has done well out of our visits!!!

As most of you are aware, another Passport application was filed almost 2 months ago and then of course we had electioneering in between when it was filed and when it was ‘due’, and we’re working on the possibility that that is the reason for the delay.  We live in hope.

Don is yet again going to mess about on the river, this year, for Tony and we wish him the very best of luck in his third quest for his “Best-Buddy”  I believe, (though plans are not yet finalised) that it will be in the North of Ireland this year.  Our website will keep you updated on that, that’s for sure!

Our friends in the North, one in particular, are working to secure an invitation for Tony to go to school there and other things concerned with a study visa (the list is endless!) so that when a passport is issued, we may have some chance of getting to the West.

Tony himself has begun home school again and is doing very well.  Not so pleased that the work was going to be a lot harder this year (as he is now almost ten and a half!) but coping admirably nevertheless.  He catches on and learns so quickly, it is astonishing!  He still loves computer games and is as swift as a bird, though a little less elegant!  He is finishing off the illustrations for his book of short stories for children “Wilver the pig and other stories” and I think he will write another three or four stories, illustrated for that book and then it will be finished.  His first book “Tony’s Love” is done and I am getting into a format for presentation to publishers if we get the chance!

Just today, I believe Tony changed the course of his future.  I was cleaning the bathroom, when I heard him kind of singing…..Tony isn’t gifted with the most wonderful of voices, but when he puts his mind to it he can carry off a song beautifully.  Anyway, there I was, purposely taking my time in the bathroom because I didn’t want to disturb his momentum.  It was magnificence in the making!  He was sort of talk-singing, as they do with Rap Music and it went something like this: 

Who says,  I can’t dress myself,
who says,  I can’t play my games,
who says,  I can’t do stuff baybee,
WHO SAYS I can’t change the world? 
But that’s just me

I say, I’ll move mountains,
Well, I say,  I can do this,
N’ I say you never gonna stop me,
and I say I can change the world baybee!
But that’s just me”

……..and it went on and on and was absolutely brilliant.  Now of course, I am going to see if I know anyone who knows anyone in the music business who would be interested in recording a Rap Song by a phocomelic child who has his finger on the very pulse of life.  Who knows where this could lead?……my son the Author and Rap Singer?  Why not? Who says he can’t do that!!  Tony is open for business and offers!….seriously!  The song is brilliant and we’re going to work on it together, to get it together, together!

Now of course, he has plans of what he will do with all the money he’s going to earn being a Rap/Pop singer.  Good luck to him I say.  I always tell him: “Believe in yourself, believe that you CAN do stuff; Try everything and if it’s not for you – you tried it – no regrets!  You can do anything you put your mind to and let NO man tell you otherwise! ….and I think he believes this.  He asks Jesus to help him, when he has a mountain in front of him – because he’s heard me doing the same.  He has always made me proud to be his mum!

So, people, as some of you prepare to go off on your hols and some of you don’t, we wish for you everything you wish for and remember that you are in our prayers here in India and always will be.  We would still ask for special prayers for my old friend Jim as he packs his suitcase to go to live with the Lord.  God bless you all,

Love and thoughts from

Maureen and Tony


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