Boy Of Hope

Boy Of Hope: Lough Erne Challenge 2009

About Tony by Tony 



 I am 10 & a half years old.

Me With My Pet Goat

Me With My Pet Goat



I was born with Phocomelia which means I don’t have much in the way of limbs. I have a little stump (I call it an arm) for my right arm and I have a little left leg that doesn’t have a femur only a shin bone. I have two toes on that foot.

I am very clever on computer and I love playing games instead of schoolwork. I have a game called CLAW which is a sidesscrolling game and it has 14 levels but I am only up to level 3 at the minute.

I speak English very good and write it too, by holding a pen or pencil in my teeth and mouth. Mummy is typing this as I tell her what to write because she wont let me go on her laptop – I have to use my own, which is her old one.

I have to go now and I am hoping that I can come to the UK soon as it’s been 2 months since we asked for a passport and the third time altogether. I hope I get my passport.Please pray that I get it soon so that I can go to school and learn some new things in that good country and so can I tell the people there all about the wonderful country I was born in and am from. It has many beautiful places, wonderful animals and friendly people. I hope we can all become good friends and visit each other and learn about each others culture.

Thank you  from Tony

Hi again!  I asked my uncle Don (he likes to be called Donnacha) to put some pictues of me that I like on this page so you can see how much fun I have!

When we go out I have fun talking to people and making them feel good !

When we go out I have fun talking to people and making them feel good !


I like playing games on the computer. Uncle Don says I can keep the car going past the potholes, trees, and other cars & trucks much longer than he can and only only using my big toe to run the computer controls.

I like playing games on the computer. Uncle Don says I can keep the car going past the potholes, trees, and other cars & trucks much longer than he can and I'm only using my big toe to run the computer controls.


I'm having fun playing with my ballon man in one of my cars !

I'm having fun playing with my ballon man in one of my cars !


Here I am trying to help Uncle Ray to put together the electric wheel chair he made for me and brought from England>

Here I am trying to help Uncle Ray to put together the electric wheel chair he made for me and brought from England.


 Tony learning to use electric wheel chair controlHere I am learing how to work the joy stick on my new electric wheel chair.

Ray, Sue and Mummy were very surprised and happy that it only took me a few minutes to learn how to use my new wheel chair. Now it is my Super Hero's hot rod!

Ray, Sue and Mummy were very surprised and happy that it only took me a few minutes to learn how to use my new wheel chair. Now it is my Super Hero's hot rod!

My tetra mouse is great for doing school work and writing my books

My tetra mouse is great for doing school work and writing my books


Ray and Sue from England took Mummy and me to a nice meal in a neat rail road dining car that isn't on a train anymore

Ray and Sue from England took Mummy and me to a nice meal in a neat rail road dining car that isn't on a train anymore


Mummy straps a spoon to my stump so I can feed myself. I really like doing things for myself. I can even take off my trousers when I need to "go". Ray made me a neat thing to help me do this.

Mummy straps a spoon to my stump so I can feed myself. I really like doing things for myself. I can even take off my trousers when I need to "go". Ray made me a neat thing to help me do this.


Here I am petting a nice cow - I really love animals and want to help them when I grow up and am able to make money to do things.

Here I am petting a nice cow - I really love animals and want to help them when I grow up and am able to make money to do things.


 tony Here I am with some tent people Mummy takes food to

Here I am with some tent people Mummy takes food to. When I have my own money I want to help poor people too not just animals


Mummy bought me some nice wooden models. I did all the work putting them together except for mixing the glue

Mummy bought me some nice wooden models. I did all the work putting them together except for mixing the glue . They forgot to put the propeller in the box so I used a block of wood for a propeller.

tony This is my airplane model finished

This is my airplane model finished. I also made a bird house from the same kit. I’ll ask my uncle Donald to put a picture of it under here.

tony I also made this bird house

Don’t you think it’s a really nice bird house? It’s the first one I ever built.

Tony and RowanThis is my very special Uncle Rowan who came all the way from Ireland to meet me. Uncle Rowan is on TV and the Radio and he writes for a newspaper. He made the RTE program about Uncle Donald, Mummy and me.

tony  I can even open a door

See, I can even open or lock a door. Uncle Rowan took this picture of me.

Tony and Uncle Rowan's treat

This is mummy and me having a special treat on her Birthday. You aren’t supposed to tell what birthday your mummy is having so I’m not going to tell!

tony It was fun playing Santa Claus

This is me two years ago dressed up as Santa Claus.  When people were walking in front of our house I would dash around the corner in my super car and shout HO HO HO at them. This would make them happy and we would all have a nice laugh. I like making people happy.

tony Rowan and Fr. playing santa claus

I’d had so much fun and made so many people happy when I was playing Santa Claus that I had mommy get a Santa hat so Uncle Rowan, Fr. Patrikson and me could take turns playing Santa Claus. Life is all about being good to people and being happy!

tony I have fun drawing pictures for Mummy and my friends

I have lots of fun drawing pictures for Mummy and my friends. I’m even drawing pictures for the books I’m writing. I wrote a story about a Little Yellow Truck that is my Uncle Donald’s favorite. I’m going to do some very special pictures for it.


I’m all ready for the first day at my new school in Chennai! I know it’s going to be a lot of fun and I’ll be learning all about new things. Every day is a new adventure!

Tony It was really great to be able to wear blue jeansIt was really great to be able to wear big boy blue jeans when I got my static legs as a gift from Otto Bock. I learned to walk on them but now they are too small. Some day maybe I’ll get another set of legs.



I just received the following “Independance day” ( India July 31 ) Email from Maureen. It describes some of the friends Tony and Maureen have made in India. It is warm and touching and I thought all of you you would enjoy it.  God bless!

Well, the monsoon does seem to have begun properly – and, as in most other places in India, it comes each day at more or less the same time!  Great!….you can get your washing and shopping done in good time!  The heat still remains, but it’s lovely and cool in the mornings and at last, the water in the shower is cool too!

I know that we’re not leaving India any time soon, but the passport application has kind of provoked a time of reflection in many ways and I’ve been reliving some of the places we have lived and the people we have met.

Over the years there have been some colourful people in our lives here, all having touched our life and vise versa.  From the old man that used to sit at the end of the road on a daily basis in Mohan Row Colony, to the wannabe cowboy who rides a souped-up Honda 150 around the streets here in Chennai now.  So many years, so many people.  Pity we don’t have photos of them all,. but carrying a camera around has never been a strong point with me – and the good old cheapo cell phone doesn’t quite ‘do it’ when pics are taken with it – most have to be deleted as the pictures come out quite indecipherable!!

As there’s no news to speak of this month, we thought we’d share a kind of diary of people that we have had the good fortune to meet whilst in India – SO, we hope that you enjoy the ride!

In Mohan Row Colony, every morning we met a lady that has a mentally challenged little boy (not so little now!) and she would offer a little smile.  We learned her child’s name was Balaji.  Through Tony, she told me that she was sad that her little boy would never be able to do anything.  I let her know that Balaji did something every day that she wasn’t aware of – and that was that he brightened up so many people’s lives because of his utterly infectious smile – she hadn’t looked at Balaji like that and smiled herself then.  It was true – the little boy broke into a wide smile when he saw other people and most would smile back at him, perhaps their only smile of the morning, but it had come through Balaji!.

Then there was Rosaline – a sweet lady in Krishnagiri who ran to and hugged us each time she saw us when we were out.  She was as close to me as a sister and we still call each other.  It was my first experience of a female holding hands with me (it’s common place in India) but it felt as natural as breathing.  We talked together as if we had known each other all our lives and still do, albeit by telephone now as she moved away to Kerala. People in the stores always give an honest and open welcome – and call us into the store for a cup of famous South Indian coffee.  We sit for a while and leave.  We bought nothing, instead, for free, we deepened familiarity of our neighbours in the town.  People came out of their stores simply to give a sweetie to Tony and young ladies especially (much to Tony’s delight) would swarm around his chariot to say hello to him!

The market especially has always been a place where fruits are peeled when they see us coming and given in little bits of paper or a small plastic bag, for consumption now or later

People here give out of their own poverty, simply because they want to.

There are those who stop us to practice and ask to be corrected, in their English.  Almost all that we meet, invite us to their homes.  Some we have been to, some have been a little too far away.

There is an old lady in Hosur.  She is very thin and probably around 80 years of age.  Her gray hair tied back in the familiar bun.  She sits atop her barrow that is full of bracelets, toe rings and trinkets.  Next to the barrow is a shelter made out of palm fronds and tarpaulin which she shares with her husband – the barrow is tightly tied up at night-time, covered in plastic and bits of tin and padlocked to her husband’s foot.  She has lived there for twenty years. They are not supposed to live there, on the street, but police kindly turn a blind eye to some things like this.  She has all she needs, she says – what would she do in a house? ….with all those rooms?  Her husband smiles a toothless, warm smile.

There is an auto driver named Basha.  He is a lovable rogue who would give the earth to you if he had it.  There is a lovable rogue of an auto driver too, here in Chennai – Pandian – a little different to Basha, but nevertheless, lovable and kind. 

There is the extremely tall, well built, formidable looking DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) we met in Krishnagiri – now in Salem, who invited us in to the Station for a cup of coffee and biscuits and asked my son “are you afraid of me?” to which Tony replied, “No, why, should I be?”  and who then laughed so deep and loud it frightened me!  It was he who made some life-saving calls, even though he was in Salem by then, when my passport was stolen a few years back. He asked me what God I believed in and I was stuck for a minute – wondering if it was a question I should answer or not, given the place I was in.  I simply said that I believed in the One God – to which he replied “Yes, there is only one God!” and this from a staunch Hindu talking with a Christian.

The wonderful little friends that Tony has had and has now – who trample through the rooms, leaving them looking like the Russian Army has camped here overnight.  Do I moan?  no.  I simply sit back and enjoy the fact that despite the disabilities he has, that Tony is capable of making and keeping friends.

There were the thirty or so street kids that came as and when they pleased, to our home.  They came to eat, to play or simply to ‘be’.  Their little faces will never leave my mind or go far from my heart.  All with their own heartbreaking and sometimes tragic stories.  The resident children over the years, who were so much a part of our family.  The men who delivered our water & gas containers and ended up staying for supper with the kids and then playing with them.  The computer engineers that installed games for free on the kids PC, and then wouldn’t take a penny for coming out in the first place.

The volunteers that came from South Africa, Canada, the UK, and elsewhere.  The people that lived for a short time, in cities nearby for work and who came laden with gifts for our resident and street kids. All with their own personalities and experiences to offer the children.  The special people that are still our friends and who visit regularly and call every week Those who love and have never yet met Tony, but who nevertheless support his wish for the future unreservedly & wholeheartedly.  Those who offer unconditional friendship, both here and abroad. Those who work behind the scenes in the hope of cutting through some of the endless reams of red tape – all of you – are firmly in our book of life. And very especially, those who allow us to remain together because of your support, which without this support, we would have been lost a long time ago.

I know of several people who have come to India and adopted children.  One family from Canada adopted three children through “Families for Children”, another Indian lady (Indian born) and her British husband seemingly couldn’t have their own children – adopted a little girl from Bangalore and then found out they were pregnant and now have the two little girls – all living in the UK now. I guess my wishes for Tony are the same as their wishes for their new families.
It hasn’t all been good, not at all (is it anywhere we live? – I don’t think so!).  But sometimes the tiniest things that happen, reaffirm your belief in human nature and you simply forget the unpleasant things that have happened.  There have been many and at times I have wondered if we could ever pick ourselves up again – but then, we put those things out of our minds and out of our lives and start afresh on the new day that God has given us. 

We walk along the road and fill ourselves with the mysteries that surround us constantly.  Even where cattle and goats, chickens and dogs, feed on the mounds of rubbish that adorn these streets, we can find such amazing and stunning beauty, that I wonder if my heart can hold it all!

This is the diverse and sometimes tragically beautiful India – a place that you find yourself in and you know your heart and your very being is changed forever.

Happy Independence Day for the 15th (Indian, that is!)




  1. Now three months since the passport application was put in and enquiries are going to be made tomorrow, 20th July 2009.

    Tony is busy on his old laptop, which wouldn’t connect to the Internet this morning for love nor money – and lunch has just been had.

    Another of our guardian angels lies in a hospice right now and we are deeply saddened about him. JIM DINAN has been a special blessing to Tony and bought him his first chariot (pushchair!) before we had a wheelchair for him and we are ever grateful.

    Tony sent Jim a lovely picture just a couple of weeks ago and Jim was still able to enjoy it.

    God bless you Jim, you are ever in our thoughts dear friend.

  2. What a moving story and such a brave boy… are all doing wonderful work……it is quite humbling…what can I say?
    thak you for sharing.

    • Thanks Splash! have a good week!! 🙂

  3. No luck last week at the Passport Office – they are apparently only just beginning to deal with applications from January and February. 😦

    Oh well, peckers up!!!…….we’ve waited for almost 9 years so I guess a while longer won’t do any harm!

    Our prayers are with our Jim, who remains in the Hospice.


    We had a silly lizard that kept on laying her eggs in the ‘bolt-hole’ at the front gate. Every time I either opened or went to close the bolt, a little lizard would run out….every time I looked in the bolt-hole to see if she was still there, I saw eggs!.

    I rescued 6 of them over a period of about four weeks and then there were no more. We put the eggs into a plastic container with holes in the lid, threw in some cotton wool to act as a nice, soft and warm nest and waited.

    One morning, a very excited Tony came in to me and screamed that “a ‘Lizzie’ had been borned!!”

    Together, we went to investigate and indeed found the tiniest of black lizards scratching to get out of the container. I had a bit of trouble catching him/her, to try getting the remains of the egg-sac off her/him, to allow it to go find a hidey place away from us giants.

    Just an hour or so after, another was born and the same assistance was required. The last of the eggs hatched yesterday – twins – in two eggs of course. Anyway, they’re up on my bedroom wall, getting more familiar with their huge new world – and we thank God for the great blessings He gave us in letting us be guardians of the lizzie eggs and seeing them through to hatching, at least. To stop and look, in the middle of a rushed day, at these tiny creatures – so perfect and beautiful, scamper off to begin the adventures of life and know we were instrumental in their beginning is a humbling experience.

    Have a good week, one and all,

    Blessings from India

    Tony and Maureen


  4. And I have just finished my breakfast and we must go to pay the rent this morning. I have to do school work then boo.

    I am very excited about going on an airplane because I love airplanes. I want to heal the world a bit like the Michael Jackson song says. It is a very easy thing to do because you only have to smile and people get happy. I want people to be friends with everyone and thats easy too.

    My mum doesn’t see any difference in people of different colours and neither do I and we don’t see disabilities either because we look at the person inside – their souls are beautiful and bright and they all deserve love and kindness no matter who they are. We have to stop the wars in all these countries and tell the men in the offices that they must not do this.

    Why are they doing it in the first place I don’t know. I need to talk with them man to man because I am a man, well I will be soon. I want to grow up quicker now so I can do these things and I can just ask the people that are the bosses of these countries why they do it and why they wont stop. I am sure they would like to see all the people happy.

    I can talk with people and make them happy and want to dance when I sing and so can everyone.

    A happy world is what we need

  5. About 4 and a half weeks to go before I go on my next visa trip – six months come around so quickly and the years follow quickly on their heels!

    The monsoon seems to have settled in a bit – but the heat remains – never thought I’d wish for good old European weather, until we moved to Chennai!

    I’d like to say hello here, to the “Ladies in the Country House”, you know who you are and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love and support you have shown to us.

    The biggest ‘thank you’ must go to Don – the ‘man’ himself and Mary, for setting this website up. We wish you well for when you start out on your journey on Sunday and for the coming weeks on the River. may God’s blessings go with you and keep you all safe.

    Our love and thoughts continue to go to Jim.

    Sister Carmen, Lizzie, Aslam (our great friend in Hosur), Karthick (Hosur), Esther (Chennai), Rosa (Chennai) David Kumar (Chennai) and all the rest of you who have been so kind to myself and my son – you are truly great people and will stay in our memories for ever. Here’s hoping our friendships continue to grow !

    Right, we’re just on our way out the door now, people to see, school to attend, and things to do!

    Love and blessings to all


  6. You are so right Tony!
    I had a little Grand daughter called Catrin who was born with a facial disfigurement and some people were so unkind….it made her Mummy ill. She is better now and some clever doctors at Great Ormond Street hospital in London helped her….she is 8 years old now . She loves Art and craft and making things…she has a sister Bethan who is 6 years old and a new brother who is called Ben and is 5months old.
    I dont see peoples colour or dissabilities….it is not important is it? it is the person inside that matters….I wish everyone felt like you and me ….it would make the world a much better and happier place .
    I hope you have a good week and I loved reading about you and your life
    love to Mummy and to you
    Grace /Splash

  7. Hi Maureen
    Hoe do I go about sponsoring??
    hope you are ok ….take care and see you at the willows!
    xxlots of love

    • Splash, you can just click on the Donate button above – don’t ask me how it goes as I didn’t set up this website…..friend Mary did! XX

  8. You’re a sweetie, Splash (can’t seem to think of you as Grace….for some reason!!) and very kind. Tony loves your message and told me to tell you that YES it can be done – that the world can be healed and we can all live together without prejudice or hate.

    Speak to you later XX

  9. Loved all the pictures esp Maureen and Tony on her birthday. Take care you two. Thinking of you with much love xxxx lorraine

  10. Our dear friend Jim passed away on Tues 11th August and was interred yesterday at Mallow, Co Cork. Our thoughts are with Mick (his brother), Mary & Mick, & Seamus (Nephews and Niece) and the rest of the family.

    We will miss you so very much old friend.

    Independence Day in India today – and no rest for the wicked at all, even though it was Saturday!

    Up at to the sound of heavy rain, thunder and lightening, in order to get Tony up, fed and ready for his Celebrations at School at (I kid you not!).

    Tony was first on, singing a song of Praise to open the proceedings and seeing as they only gave him the song to learn yesterday, he carried it beautifully. Unfortunately, for some reason, the video I took, didn’t take – at all. Two of the photo’s are just about ok, as the flash didn’t work on the camera either – so, we only have one of Tony’s girlfriend (!) and another of some beautiful little girls in the most heavenly pink dresses!

    The children in all the Standards danced and sang beautifully, and a politician gave an address & raised the Indian Flag. The rain stopped half way through and although it’s been threatening for the remainder of the day, it’s just stayed cool and beautiful here – the first cool day in 5 months – Oh how wonderful!

    So, Tony had a good morning with his new friends and we came home to have a real Indian celebratory lunch – Bangers and Mash!! (which Tony loves!)

    Now 3.30pm and hoping that Don is getting on well with the Challenge – no idea where he is or how long it will all take him – but our thoughts are with him all the way.

    Blessings to all!

  11. Just back from another visa trip. Tony was over the moon when I reappeared – Coco is full of fleas, ticks and sores – gotta get something done about that. Me, I caught a blessed cold and am still a bit weary from the flights, but cleaned the house today nevertheless!

    Although we are not in possession of it yet – the passport has arrived and is going to be ours at the weekend. It sits in wait under lock and key!

    We have known for a little while that it was on it’s way, but after so many let-downs, I didn’t want anything posted here until we were 500% sure.

    We could be on our way to the West by about Jan or Feb – there’s a lot to do now we have the passport and it’s not as easy as packing up and leaving! Now the hard work begins – and a couple of friends have already begun.

    Thank you to the Indian Government for issuing the passport. Thank you to the Fathers at the SMA, Rowan, Sue and Ray and everyone else who has been instrumental in getting it. Thank you to all who have simply been friends and believed in what I am trying to do without fail.

    Thank you to those who have just simply ‘been there’ at the end of a phone line when comfort and encouragement were needed so badly.

    Thank you to Tony’s biological parents who we will see on Sunday – we could never have done this without you. We first met them two and a half years back in their village, so it wasn’t the first time we had seen them.

    So Don has finished another Challenge! Well done to you dear friend. We are just happy that you made it back in one piece again!!!

    Thanks also to Mary O’Connor, who made this website and gave people a lot of the information, and Don for putting so much time into it too.

    Not sure what happens next, but be sure for one thing, this lady aint still for long!

  12. Just been asked to put a note here that Tony successfully completed 310 Yo-Yo thingies. He puts the loop around his big toe and winds up the string and then he’s away. Got to be some kind of record aint it? Look out Guiness, here we come!

    We have had the passport in our possession for a few days now and it sits along with mine under lock and key. It’s strange – we sometimes get the two passports out and put them together on the table – and in unison, we say. “I never thought I’d see the day when this happened!”

    We are getting invites to go for holidays to different parts of the globe – but that will have to wait for a good while! First things first and that is a visa.

    The visa that we’ll be applying for can take up to 5 months to be issued and can, of course, also be refused – they are not always issued though we have great hope. We will let you know when we have enough documentation to apply for the visa.

  13. Last day of exams for Tony at the new school and then he has ten days leave – GREAT!

    We would have gone out to celebrate the issuing of the passport but have failed so far in getting his birth parents here to sign parental permission papers in front of the Notary – so we’ll wait until it’s done in it’s entirety before the celebration!

    Please pray for this, for us – it’s the last thing we need before assembling the rest of the documentation for his Visa.

  14. Having watched President Barack Obama’s Maiden Speech at the U.N. Assembly on TV last night, I just felt like adding my two pence worth.

    I’ve lived in many countries over the face of this planet we call Earth and I think, having had that privilege, that I understand now what it means to live in Dignity and be given Respect.

    I am blessed; I, on the whole, have not denied that right. In many so-called developed countries I, like many others, have seen the indignity that people suffer and have been truly stunned that the profile of that country assures people that not only are they pleased to say that they treat their every day common men and women with the respect that they deserve, but that their people are FREE.

    India, like many other developing Nations is struggling with her billion plus people and some of those who have’power’ will freely admit that they are not in any way ‘there’ yet!

    I do wonder how many Nations do simply pay ‘lip service’ to these statements only…

    Like many of us so-called Christians, who pray when we are in need and turn the tables on God when things go wrong – with just enough time to hop along to Church on a Sunday and pay our ‘lip service’.

    An old and loyal friend of mine, regularly reminds me and others, that in order to do something about problems in life we must ‘Walk the Walk’ and not just ‘Talk the Talk!’

    Words are cheap – ACTION matters!

    India this day is hot and clammy, smiles on the streets warm your heart as you wander here and there buying food and veg – then one spies the old woman who’s basket is empty (though she still looks at the market stalls with a great desire to buy.

    She doesn’t have enough, I know that. Still, as she passes, she smiles and I turn around and quietly slip some rupees into her withered arthritic hand. She squeezes mine and I leave her with a “God Bless”

    Dear God, let SOMEONE get it right, soon, for those forgotten souls.

  15. Now October and the year runs fast and away from us…we have been very blessed this year. We have Tony’s passport and legal documents giving me right of caring for him until he reaches 18 years of age.

    Trying to find an educational establishment that will give Tony a chance is our next hurdle and one which must be got over before we can even apply for a visa. The visa can then take up to 5 months to receive and of course, can also be refused. So we hold on to the hope that colleagues and friends will be successful in their search for a school for Tony.

    Please do say a little prayer for us that we might be successful in this latest part of our puzzle and that perhaps by next Christmas we will be installed somewhere and celebrating our first Christmas in the West!

    Blessings to all!

  16. Hope you can get this up and running again………
    Hugs. X

  17. My name is Roslyn Vinolia and I am a social worker. I manage Roshini Home for destitute children and women. Today we take care of 44 children and 2 women. All our children are first generation school goers. we have one boy who goes to college. This year 2 kids have completed their HSLC or +2 and would be going to college next year.

    We are looking for sponsors who could help us to help the deserving.


    Roslyn Vinolia

    • Sorry to have not responded sooner. Have been away from computers. Hope you have every success in finding sponsors. We have not been able to find a sponsor for Tony’s schooling yet but are trying. God bless, Donnacha

  18. Bonjour ! Mon nom est Mary Ailise (cela signifie noble, et il est irlandais!)!!!!!!Vous êtes un homme très courageux ! Quand est ton anniversaire? Je veux vous envoyer quelque chose ! Mine est demain Je serai 12 ! 🙂
    Je peut parler/lecture/comprendre Français, mais je suis allemand & Irlande-Scott et un peu américain ! Où est né votre Mum????
    Désolé pour toutes les questions, mais… Vous savez, je suis curieux !

    Hi! My name is Mary Ailise (it means noble, and it’s Irish!)!!!!!!You are a very brave lad! When is your birthday? I want to send you something! Mine is tomorrow.. I will be 12! 🙂
    I can speak/read/understand French, but I am German & Irish-Scott and a little bit American! Where was your Mum born????
    Sorry for all the questions but… You know, i am curious!

    • Sorry I have not responded sooner but I’ve been away from computers. My birthday is Groundhog’s day – Feburary second. I was 74 on the last one. Belated happy birthday to you. God bless, Donnacha

  19. Still got the Southwest Monsoon here and happy out with it!.

    Our thoughts go to our friend Eoin, from RTE, on the passing of his dear mum.

    We both pay for her, you Eoin and the rest of your family and friends.


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